01/101. Minari (2020)

Score: 它它它翻
Dir.: Lee Isaac Chung

Dont get me wrong, its a very good movie. But the VERY BEST thing here is the little boys performance. We agree that the Oscars should create a Best Child Actor Award just because of him.

The cinematography and scenery are absolutely outstanding, and Steven Yeun is as great as ever.

Alan S. Kim shines as the young and innocent David

The episodic nature of Minari deals with themes such as cultural shock (in the veil of The Farewell, 2019); how the so-called American Dream isnt anything but lies and deceit; and how the great Brazilian philosopher Craque Daniel now rings more true than ever:

If you really want it, if you focus, if you practice, if you delve in it head on, if you concentrate Theres no guarantee that youre gonna make it.

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